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Welcome to the Wyvern Club Annual General Meeting for 2017. I welcome you all here tonight especially the Committee members and thank you all for volunteering and supporting our club for the year ahead.

Without the commitment of the committee the Wyvern Club would find it hard to be so successful. The Club has members from all walks of life and that is what makes it so different to other clubs.

I would like to thank Norman who does so much for the Wyvern and Audrey who gives so much support to him, our Chairman for all hiswork and a big thank you to our Steward Martin and the bar staff for all their hard work. Then there is Marlene who will help and support everyone.

I must not forget Keith, as BINGO would not be the same without him. Thank you to the entertainment committee for the very hard job they have done so well, it’s a shame that not all of the events have been supported.

Thank you to all members that support the committee when needed like the members who help put the chairs and tables away after Bingo, it is a big help. Anyone I may have failed to mention, thank you for your support.

Finally I would like to thank Phil, who has been our treasurer for a few years, but has now decided to stand down. I wish him well.

I am very proud to be the President of this fantastic club.

Sue Evans





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